Two new barbie RTC passes

The Capital Transportation Network (RTC) will launch two new passes in a month to encourage young people and seniors to take the bus outside peak hours.

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Starting July 1, young people under the age of 18 can AV Video purchase this monthly pass for $ 27. It will be valid on weekdays (after 5:30 pm) as well as on weekends and public holidays.
For those 65 years and older, the monthly pass can be purchased for $ 48. These users will be able to borrow the buses during the week between 9h and 15h30 and after 17h30. The new travel document will also be valid on weekends and holidays.
"Our concern is to offer products more and more adapted to the specific needs of our clientele," said Rémy Normand, president of the RTC. "According to him, the youth pass" will be particularly appreciated by the parents of the students Who often make 'taxis' for their children in the evenings and on the weekends. For the new elder pass, Mr. Normand called the new formula "very attractive option".
According to him, "with the (technological) tools we have, we are more and more able to seek subtleties and refinement to know who (moves) and at what time".

Slight increases
On the other hand, the price for a single bus pass will be rounded from $ 2.95 to $ 3. The Monthly Student Pass is increased by $ 1, while the monthly general pass increases by $ 1.95.
Seniors passes Porn Gay will increase by $ 2.50, compared to the initial increase of $ 5, as was the case in the past two years. Ultimately, the RTC wants student and seniors passes to be sold at the same price.
All of these changes will be effective July 1.

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