5 signs of dangerous russian teen gynecological disease

There are many dangerous obstetric disease but the disease signs again very faint, so easy to confuse with the normal diseases should my sister or ignored. This condition is easy to treat the disease has severe, spend lots of time and effort recently cured.

So many sisters (most are unmarried girls) were abdominal pain when menstruation, in the different levels. If just even smoldering, pain, the majority of the sisters tried to endure. But if signs of more severe pain should not subjective. This is the phenomenon of menstrual cramps very intense alanah rae in the days of menstruation. This sign is also common in endometrial diseases in Lac. Tribe of the endometrium is a benign disease, usually occurs in women from 35-50 years old, the proportion varies from 5-10%. This is the condition of tissue layer of the endometrium is present inside the muscle layers of the uterus. In the womb who normally have three classes: online, and serosa. The layers that separately, then never got over the phenomenon. Endometrial Club status makes the uterus is hard to keep the egg has been fertilized, so is a cause of infertility, rare status later. Fibroids will cause a lot of complications such as bleeding, anemia, depletion, heart failure, rarely late, infertility, pain down ...

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Abnormal vaginal bleeding
Vaginal bleeding can also called rong are warning signs about the hormonal disorders, pituitary tumors, diseases of the blood or taking anticoagulants. These may be signs of pathology in the ovaries, uterus, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, especially cancer of the cervix takes up top in the common types of cancer in women worldwide. This pathology has properties in place locally, so if detected early, the possibility of cure near 98%.
Treat symptoms sweating much in the limbs, head, forehead armpits, chest back ... confident in communicating and living 20 years of "suffering" with asthma, cough Phlegm, shortness of breath because of the unknown to the Hen Leaves
Most women with cervical cancer are to the hospital in the very late stages. Therefore, the most important thing is my sister need to proactively universal knowledge about this disease and immunizations to prevent some disease-causing HPV virus týp. In particular, women of reproductive age have had sexual relations need to be done for cervical cell Pap test (Pap smear) according to the doctor's schedule. This will help in the early detection of cervical cancer improves quality of life and longevity.
Menstrual disordershomemade swingers
Menstrual disorders irregular menstrual cycle is unstable, the amount of blood lost after days menstruation too little or too much. Slowly, my Lord, at least, bleeding between menstruation, dysmenorrhea, periodic seizures can be caused by many different causes.
Menstrual disorders in women is one of the most common gynecological diseases. A variety of factors such as hormonal disorders, changes in environment, unstable emotions can lead to menstrual disorders.


Menstrual disorder has affected women, in the following way: the menstrual disorder is the direct cause leads to rare infertility late period is important cause leading to the increasing infertility rates in our country in recent years. If no screening and early treatment of menstrual disorders, does not affect the beauty that also affect health. The women are easy to appear freckles, sun spots and blackheads. Menstrual disorders in women are easy to lead to arthritis, inflammation of the cervix. Menstrual disorder is also the sign of fibroids. Disease, fibroids will cause a lot of complications such as bleeding, anemia, depletion, heart failure, rarely late, infertility, pain down ... Therefore, when menstrual disorders at rates far from normal, and sisters should go to see a doctor for advice and timely treatment, avoid the regrettable consequences.
The unusual smell badly closed
Normal, vaginal secretions from the sealed is a "cleansed" natural bactericide, homeostasis. It's a slightly gelatinous white substance such as powder, odorless, no itching, no sweating, vaginal PH of about 4.2/5. In case of detection of closed region despite the heavy smell of hygiene techniques, you should visit this situation soon, can do you the genital inflammation or abnormalities in the cervix such as cervical cancer.
Gynaecological diseases caused by abnormal urination
Each day the urinating about 5 times, each 300 ml is reasonable with a normal body, drink enough water. If the work of the Office, sit in air conditioning, the number of times your sub will more than an outdoor workers because they often sweating. However, if the number of times urination far from normal levels, including more or less, you should see your doctor immediately for advice timely intervention. Maybe you are having urinary tract problems or diseases such as diabetes, ovary, fibroids cause pinched the urinary tract.


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