Boy for breast-feeding is crying, 6 months after emo girl porn my mother discovered a true surprise

Tiny Teddy boy accidentally rescued his mother when repeatedly refused to suckle from his chest to the right of the mother. It is known that young mother Sarah age 26 perceive something wrong, took her Idol Adult to the doctor to check. As the results show, she was diagnosed with breast cancer at level 2. Currently are chemotherapy and breast gland removal plan.

Teddy each side of breast feeding mother is crying ré, the boy seemed very "hate" right chest of mother (photo: Mirror)

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Teddy baby was born healthy in 1/2016 but after 6 months no boy suck the milk of the mother's right chest side. Sarah said: "every time I let him suck it cry ré and screams very loud. Like the type to have my right chest side of the feud. Even the boy did not want me to embrace it on his right chest side. "

Hunch is not or, Sarah went to see the doctor and she was early detection of breast cancer in the hospital, Dept. Royal Stoke. Sarah confided: "I feel Terry is trying to say something with it. That is what you might call the mother's instincts ". Though quite shocked with the results of the diagnosis but Sarah said she was very proud of his son for saving her life. "The tumor in his chest began to develop 3 months and it is also the exact time Teddy stopped nursing. My son saved my own escape from the hand of death ".
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The young mother choked: "Teddy indeed is my hero. If not because of the cryptic response, I never know if I have cancer like this. Before birth, the specialist advised me that breastfeeding is very sacred, mounted the sample situation. However in my case, everything still more special. My son saved my life from me for the baby breast-feeding ".

When Sarah came to the hospital to check, the doctors say, they are very surprise about her case. If she does for breastfeeding then unsure of her disease was discovered early. Sarah noticed a lump in his chest right on, 1/2013. She came to the hospital to check right after that but then they say that this is not a melanoma.

At present, Sarah gave the stop feeding altogether and began the chemotherapy. Through this story, Sarah also wanted to give the mother or extremely interested in his chest and go check now if you see unusual signs. Besides, the work for breastfeeding is also a wonderful thing. As everyone can see, mother's milk is obviously great nutrition resources and work for feeding not only benefit them but also can help the mother discovered the cancer as in the case of Sarah.

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