Pregnant and backroom casting bang bus couch still Virgin

BS. Roses advice: 

You Hoang Tuan dear,

The men, but whether you are interested in sexual health issues is very welcome. Sexual health is also a very important part for every person. It is not the decision of fertility, maintaining the human race, but it also contributed in making you healthy or ill. 

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If you were interested in gender issues then make you well known to many questions of other eyebrow whiskers, eg ejaculation out while pregnant, not ejaculate but still pregnant ... things are completely understandable and entirely probable. 

Virgin and still pregnant 1 
ejaculation outside, no ejaculation or only "rudimentary" can still make a woman "sticky" vote. Illustration

With these gentlemen have healthy sperm, just a drop of semen contains both an "army" with a wealth of human sperm extremely healthy, swim very fast. Not only that, the man's sperm before ejaculation secretions may also contain sperm. So whether ejaculation outside or not ejaculate away then while two ties (including external relations), as soon as the translation of the men fell Japan Porn into the genitals of the woman is the sperm in the fluid that was fast, "race" deep inside to find the opportunity to fertilize eggs. 

This explains why there are apparently 100% external ejaculation, no ejaculation girlfriend or wife is still pregnant.

Where your girlfriend is a virgin and two deep relationship but you do not you still get pregnant girlfriend can still happen, however, the rate is not high should happen not everyone knows. 
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Hymen always have 2-3 small holes, for menstruation may come out each month. The healthy sperm can overcome this small hole, through the uterus, the fallopian tubes wriggle, to close the fallopian tubes and fertilize eggs. Relationship type "rudimentary," did not mean that you do not extract the sperm, which can lead to such consequences. 

Wishing you health and make a decision soon about his big!

Honestly, man, but I also quite concerned about sexual health issues. The reason is because I was the eldest son of a fairly large family so the children with my pressure is not small. This year I am 33 years old, had lovers but not married. My girlfriend and I have not sent any time limit because they both fear and dare not pregnant before marriage.

But by nature, so we are losing control. Occasionally we have "made rudimentary" outside. Yet somehow I slow economic girlfriend. When tested by pregnancy test and found two bars. Please ask if my girlfriend was pregnant then and why she is still a virgin but pregnant? Looking forward to consulting your doctor help me. Thank you! (Hoang Tuan)

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