The correct way to deal with fuck my wife when entering the ear by insects

In this case, you need calm to handle properly to avoid serious consequences to the hearing. 

How to manage the insect enters the ear 
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how to handle best Jav Mature when flying insect in ear - 1 

Headphones 1 parts are very sensitive and vulnerable. Therefore, in case of flying insects in, you need to immediately tackle properly to avoid serious consequences, especially for children. 

1. Use olive oil 

How to handle best when flying insects in the ear - 2

Upon detection of flying insects in the ear, so ingenious olive oil 1 drop inside. This will cause the insects suffocated and drifting out under oil droplets. 

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Note: Absolutely do not use this method when you see without earache caused by insects, in the case of ear bleeding, an open wound. 

2. Use alcohol 

How to handle best when flying insect ears - 3 

Infiltration alcohol into 1 small cotton ball. To pad outside the ear and gently a few drops of alcohol into the small 1 in. This will make the area around the ear hygiene and insects crawling out.
3. Absolutely do not use swab 

How to handle best when flying insect ears - 4

Absolutely do not use swab, stick or any other items to use cotton swabs. Thus only insects that pushed deep inside and the situation becomes worse. 

Even in case you are lucky pull insects out also increases the risk of ear infections or hearing impaired. 

4. Absolutely not hand cuff the ears 

How to handle best when flying insects in the ear - 5

If doing so would cause more pain ear, even making insect scared and burned on the inside. 

5. Talk to your doctor 

's treatment most true when flying insects in the ear - 6 

If you can not get insects out of the ear by means of in-home, you should see your doctor for assistance as soon as possible. Do not be subjective because of minor negligence may cause you damage the hearing.

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